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BBNaira And The Betway Wallet: Big Brother Naija’s New Currency

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The much anticipated season 5 of Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija has finally begun and it’s already filled with twists.

Betway Wallet

The new season of BBNaija is going to have a different currency from the previous season and it’s courtesy of Betway.

Big Brother introduced the ‘BBNaira’ currency that will be loaded in a digital Betway wallet from each housemate’s individual allowance. They will use their collective Betway wallet amount to make their house purchases during the Sunday shopping. And the housemates will get to see how much they have in their Betway wallet on the screens in the house.

However, with the new currency, comes a new twist. Housemates may lose money from their wallets as fines for wrongdoings such as not wearing their mics or breaking other house rules. But Big Brother is kind, so housemates also stand a chance to win more money for their wallets if they deserve it. 

Speaking about the wallet on the live show, Ebuka said, ‘Big Brother is introducing fines. There are some offences like not wearing your microphone properly, that will make you lose 5 BB Nairas. But there are also rewards, so of course, some good deeds might get the housemates rewards. A mean Big brother is also a kind Big Brother this season.’

Betway is the Headline sponsor of BBNaija season 5 and they will also be in charge of the Arena games so this means that housemates may get the chance to win more BB Nairas from the arena games.

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