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Mercy and Ike: How to Make up With Your Partner After a Fight

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Mercy and Ike met on the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ show and they connected instantly. They grew a bond so strong that fans and other housemates alike began to call them ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.

Mercy and Ike

They are really passionate about each other, but sometimes that passion can cause them to have the most explosive fights. Yet, it seems like every fight they have has only made them stronger.

Here’s how Mercy and Ike always make up after every fight:

They have deep conversations

Mercy and Ike are both very strong-willed people, so they sometimes butt heads. Luckily, their love for each other always supersedes their will and they make up. Most of the time, in order to get through a fight, they have honest conversations about their feelings. They are never afraid to go deep and they always find a resolution through their conversations.

 They go on a date

When Ike really wants to put Mercy’s mind at ease and make sure that they are good after a fight, he takes her out. After good dining and sweet conversations, it always becomes easier to remember why they love each other and end their fights.

 They share gifts and remind themselves why they love each other

After a fight, Ike mostly ends all strife by reminding Mercy that he loves her. And when Ike really wants to make sure things are back to the status quo, he adds sweet gifts like flowers.

At the end of the day, Mercy, and Ike, like every other couple always get into arguments. What keeps them together, regardless of the drama, is that they’ve mastered the art of making up, and you can too.

 Let the couple teach you all about the art of making up on the next episode of the Mercy and Ike show. Catch it next Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 PM and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 PM.

 For those on DStv Family and Access as well as GOtv Jolli and Max, you can catch episode 5 on Sunday, 31st May at 6 pm on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 153 and GOtv channel 2.

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