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Ali Baba: From Bus Conductor to Nigeria’s King of Comedy

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Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome popular by his stage name as Ali Baba is one of the pioneering figures of stand-up comedy in Nigeria. He is a big brother, leading light and a rallying point to many Nigerian comedians and entertainers.

Ali Baba

His rise to stardom was not without the usual ups and downs experienced by those whose parents are not moneybags. He was unwavering as he moved steadily from being a bus conductor in Delta State to using his father’s car as a taxi, doing menial jobs in the company of the popular Ibru family, before breaking into comedy in 1988 when he found his calling.

The defining moment for his career was 1988, he recalled in an interview how the promoters of the October Rush gave his career the fillip that shot him to limelight and since then he has taken full control of his own career, staying fresh, relevant and consistent for more than three decades with his head held high. He has proven that the older the grape, the sweeter the wine.

Ali Baba

In recent years, Ali Baba has taken the position of a big brother in the industry and is gradually moving away from the stage to give room to the younger generation of comedians still finding their forte. He is not slowing down, rather he is mentoring and holding budding entertainers by the hand, walking them through the ropes on how to make meaning out of their talent and translate it to a money-making venture.

Innovative and versatile, Ali Baba’s pursuit of excellence has stood him out in the creative scene. He is not just a role model for only comedians. Anyone aspiring for greatness in the creative industry needs to study Ali Baba like a course.


Writer: Michael Orodare

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