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Christina Matovu: Everything you need to know about Burna Boy’s amazing back-up singer

The key to a great stage performance is having great back-up vocalists. Many have pondered about the lady who lights up Grammy-nominated Burna Boy’s performances. Well, we are lighting her up! Let’s meet Burna Boy’s amazing back-up singer, Christina Matovu.  

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London based Ugandan Christina Matovu is singer/songwriter. The 29-year-old has been singing professionally for six years. She attended the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. She met Burna Boy in 2017 when she became the main back-up singer for his performances. She is the only female in ‘The Outsiders’, Burna Boy’s performance band.

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Christina is a soul and gospel artist who is a member of the Insignia Choir and London Community Gospel Choir. She started singing from a young age in church and believes music is her home, a place she can show her real self and be vulnerable. She mentions Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Kierra Sheard as her musical inspirations. Although her biggest musical influence is her big brother Douglas, who used to be in bands when she was growing up.

She appeared as a contestant on BBC’s The Voice UK (2015) Season 4, where she wowed judge Ricky Wilson during the blind auditions, to land a spot on his team. On the show, she said if she could invest any musical gadget, it would be a gadget that cures voice loss, “so that I will never have to give up doing what I love!”. She was later eliminated in the Knockout Rounds. But that didn’t slow her down.

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In addition to being a vocalist, Christina Matovu writes and makes music as well! After the show, Christina released her debut EP in 2015 titled “Heart Art” which includes song like “Love Through It” and “Find Forever”. She has also collaborated with fellow artist like Called out Music and many more.

The singer recently lost her biological father, whom she had just met in March 2019. 

Now you know everything you need to know about Christina Matovu, well, everything except the colour of her bedsheets.

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