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Why More Nigerian Ladies Are Drinking Beer

There’s been an illusion that women don’t drink beer. It wasn’t considered a cool thing before now for women to drink it in public as it was attributed mostly to men. Some of the misconceptions about why women don’t drink beer have centered around its high calorific content, bitter taste, and self-image.

According to a recent study, more women are drinking beer at home, choosing it over wine or spirit. Though the study shows many of them are more likely to drink beer if they are out with female friends rather than male, when out at the pub or in a bar.

Asides its health benefits, there are personal reasons why more Nigerian ladies drink beer. In 2020, it is not unusual to find Nigerian ladies boldly cradling their bottle of beer in public places.

Why some still can’t stand the taste, others mix it up to make it bearable. 

Sola Bamgbose, a communications expert, explains that “the mixtures make it easier for me. I mix Star with Fanta, or Heineken with Fayrouz. This method even allows me to introduce other ladies to beer.”

Another lady, Sharon Grey, a marketing consultant with ID Africa loves how beer makes her feel. She says “I take beer because I love the trips.”

Sewa Samuel, content and community manager at ID Africa says, “I’m more likely to buy beer in a bar than rose because it is cheaper.”

For Abiola Bonuola, client service and media sales executive at ID Africa, it is a point of call when she’s feeling stressed. She says, “It helps me feel charged for a short period of time and helps with focus”.

It has a lot of health benefits. As women get older, they have to work harder to preserve bone density. Medical experts say taking a calcium supplement helps with this. While that is fine, a nice glass of booze could also be helpful.

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